Thursday, January 11, 2007

el seya7a wel seya3a

7ekaya aghrab mel khayal, at least for me! read this guys and tell me, ana elli magnoon walla el kalam da fe3lan ghareeb...

last weekend i went out with friends and there we met a couple of their friends that i met for the 1st time, they are married german couple around 30, very nice couple actually.
we had dinner and a few drinks and we talked and laughed a lot, then suddenly the wife tells me:
u know, u r really a nice guy, actually although...
i asked: although what?
she: sorry to say this, although u r egyptian!!
i was shocked of course and asked: why? whats wrong with egyptians
she: well, we were in egypt few years ago and we didnt have the best experience
i thought, probably the usual things like getting annoyed by sha77ateen, or getting fooled by nassabeen khan el khaleely or mo3aksat el sha3b el wesekh who thinks any european woman is a whore, but what she told me was really far beyond my imagination!!!!
she: well u know, tourists have to pay "baksheesh" for the tour guide
i said b montaha el seqa: well maybe its common to do this but its surely not a must
they laughed: well its written in every tourist guide about egypt but we thought its not correct to do it so we didnt pay
me: wow, is it really written in tourist guides?
she: yeah yeah and the first thing u have to do when u arrive at the hotel is that the tour guide introduces himself and tells the amount of money u have to pay and he starts collecting the money.
me (tab3an weshy ebtada yetlawwen b alwan el teef): and what happened when u didnt pay?
she: that was actually the problem, he started insulting us, talkin to us very badly and he was even threatening us all the time
me: what?????? threatening????
she: yes, it really got very dangerous and i was never so afraid in my whole life
ana tab3an mesh ba2eet f noss hdoomy, ana ba2eet men gehr hdoom khales, of course i was so sad that i couldnt ask about more details and they felt this so they changed the subject

men sa3etha wana 3ammal afakkar ma32ool el kalam da?? is this the image we give tourists about our country????? ya3ni mesh bass she7ata w mo3aksa w nasb la2 kaman ferda w baltaga w tahdeed, w men meen??? mel tour guide, elli howa mafrood yeb2a 3aref en el nas di lamma terga3 t2ool l as7abhom: di balad weskha ew3o troo7ooha, hayo33od f bethom!!!!!!! w ba3d keda bnes2al leh el seya7a 3andena 7alha wa2ef, yakhy 2a.... walla balash di 3ala ra2y fareed shaw2y

Saturday, November 18, 2006

nice piece of wisdom

I heard this nice piece of wisdom and thought to share it:

Things I can change, I have to change them. Things I cannot change, I have to live with them. Dear God, please help me differentiate between both!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

manfoddaha seera

i woke up today early as usual, on the way to work, remembered that i have to issue a credit card, so i dropped at the bank, a nice and helpful employee started taking my resuest:
- name, job, bla bla bla bla, then where r u from?
- egypt
- wow a wonderful country, but whats up with ur trains?
- yeah we had some accidents, thats awful
- yeah but 2 accidents in one month??
- 2??
- yes yesterday night i heard in the news that there was another train accident in egypt
- no comment tab3an gher wesh motakhallef ,tab a2ollo eh?? 7ad y2olli ezzay afahhem wa7ed almani en koll shwayya 2atreen beytosso f ba3d?????

b sefati mowaten masry metgharrab 3andi talab aw omneya soghayyara mel 7okooma, la2 la2 mesh el estekala, da 7atta 3eb w horoob mel mas2oleyya, ana bas nefsy nefoddaha seera men mawdoo3 el 2otorat da khales, 3ala eh waga3 el 2alb? ma enshalla ma el nas safret, elli 3ayez yetnayyel yesafer yetnayyel 3ala 3eino yerkab mikrobus aw ysafer mashy aw yerkab gamal, tab3an koll el mwaslat di feeha 7awades, bas 3al a2all bteb2a 7awades mesh fadaye7